Custom Bottle Cap Cufflinks

caplinks-cuff-linksMany people wear their hearts on their sleeves.

I prefer to wear my favorite brand of beer on my sleeve. Literally.

And you know what? We quickly discovered that other people like to wear their favorite brand of beer on their sleeves too!

CapLinks were born out of a passion for beer and a fascination with cufflinks.

CapLinks are fashioned from bottle caps that are affixed to a silver-plated backing.

We like to refer to them as creative recycling. And the selection to choose from is endless.

Basically, if your favorite drink has a bottle cap, we can turn them into cool cufflinks in no time.

So, sport a pair at your next company outing or weekend BBQ.

They make popular 21st birthday presents, groomsman’s gifts, you name it, a perfect gift for the fashionable beer lover in your family.


CapLinks – If you can drink it, we can link it.


Enjoy them responsibly!