Custom Bottle Cap Cufflinks

Sapporo CapLinks


These Sapporo CapLinks capture the pioneering spirit that the beer was founded on more than 130 years ago. Fire up a pair before heading out for your favorite sushi. These will keep you cool, even if you over do it on the wasabi!

Sapporo beer started in 1876 in Sapporo City, Japan. Sapporo, now the largest city in the Northern part of Japan, was a frontier town. It was up to Seibei Nakagawa, the first German-trained Japanese “Braumeister” (brewmaster), to make high quality domestic lager, using some of the locally produced beer ingredients and authentic brewing process, in this big-city-to-be. The beer quickly became a success and was consumed throughout the nation. The iconic star, initially a symbol of the pioneers in the area of Sapporo, was chosen to represent the pioneering spirit behind the SAPPORO brand.